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IAH - Houston, TX

Welcome to the Houston, TX Pilots For Kids homepage. Learn how to get involved and participate in Pilots For Kids activities in the Houston, TX area.


Houston PFK

Last updated 3 months ago

Houston Pilots for Kids
March 10, 2021

Due to COVID restrictions, the Houston Pilots for Kids group was unable to visit any of our three Texas Children’s Hospital Campuses in 2020. We had 6 visits confirmed on our calendar for 2020 when the pandemic restrictions went into effect. In the meantime, we did design, have produced and sold 3 different holiday PFK ties as a fund raiser for future hospital visits. The local IAH Chief Pilot’s Office allowed us to sell and distribute the ties in November and December. United Airlines approved the ties for uniform wear during the holiday months so be on the lookout for them in 2021! We recouped all of our costs and still have inventory available for 2021 as well. Our goal is to make a return to the hospitals by Christmas or sooner if they will allow visits. The Houston Pilots for Kids group is dedicated and enthusiastic to get back to the hospitals as soon as we can safely do so. Due to the overwhelming number of pilots we normally have attending our visits, we normally have more pilots available than the hospitals will allow necessitating a “standby” list to participate!

Warm Regards,
Steve Curry

Houston PFK

Last updated 6 months ago

The Houston Pilots for Kids have holiday ties available for purchase to support this great charity. The ties are approved for wear with the uniform during December and there are 3 options to choose from. The ties are $35/each and 100% of the proceeds go directly to Pilot for Kids to purchase the gifts which are distributed to the patients at the 3 Texas Children’s Hospital locations in our area. You can email Pilots for Kids IAH Coordinator Steve Curry at guitarflyer@sbcglobal.net or call 713-443-6599 to reserve a tie of your choice. Supplies are limited.
Unfortunately, hospital visits this month have been restricted due to COVID-19, but we expect to resume visits in 2021. If you wish to make a contribution directly to Pilots for Kids, the website is: Pilots For Kids - Donate Utilize the Donate tab and select IAH – Houston TX (Coordinator:Curry)
Here are the tie options. The first 2 ties options are available in Red or Green and have both the United ALPA MEC logo along with the Pilots for Kids logo. The 3rd option is Red with the Pilots for Kids logo only.

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